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    DC Sports believes in true customer satisfaction. We strive to provide you, our customer, with a delightful experience with our products. In the event that your experience is not delightful - please contact us and allow one of our professional customer service agents take care of you. Our primary goal is for you to become a customer for life - we're willing to earn it.

    DC Sports warrants that any product purchased from an DC Sports Authorized Resellers will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the stated warranty period, for the original purchaser for the product installed on the purchaser's original vehicle.

    Only officially authorized DC Sports dealers are allowed to sell DC Sports products. The DC Sports warranty will only be honored if the products were purchased through DC Sports Direct or an authorized dealer. If your DC Sports products are acquired from an unauthorized dealer, we cannot guarantee the product quality and your satisfaction provided by purchases made through DC Sports authorized dealers.

    Be wary of 3rd party sellers on Amazon.com and eBay. Many of these third party sellers are not authorized dealers of DC Sports products. The Unauthorized Dealer List below shows you which dealers are not authorized to sell DC Sports products. If you purchase your DC Sports products from an Unauthorized Dealer, your DC Sports warranty will not be honored.

    Why are Unauthorized Dealers So Bad?

    Products sold by Unauthorized Dealers are not purchased from DC Sports. They may be acquired from various other sources, but one thing is true – They are not official DC Sports products. Many of these dealers change names, locations and contact information to avoid landing on manufacturers Unauthorized Dealer lists – some simply close their websites or 3rd Party stores online overnight. Our DC Sports products are manufactured to fit specific year, makes and models of trucks and Jeeps and this fitment information is crucial to ensuring the products fit your specific vehicle and your experience with DC Sports products is an exceptional one. These Unauthorized Dealers do not have access to this information as it is only given to our trusted Authorized Dealers.

    We spend hours tracking these companies down to exclude these dealers from taking advantage of our consumers, but unfortunately sometimes we cannot keep up with them all. The only way to ensure that your experience with our DC Sports products is an exceptional one is to make sure that your products are purchased from our Authorized Dealers or DC Sports Direct.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if a dealer or website is authorized to sell DC Sports products?
    We update this page frequently and continually update our Unauthorized Dealer list to protect your experience with DC Sports.

    What happens to my warranty if I buy from an Unauthorized Dealer?
    The warranty on any DC Sports products that have been purchased from an Unauthorized Dealer will not be honored under the DC Sports warranty policy

    What is so bad about purchasing products from an Unauthorized Dealer? It looks the same?
    DC Sports products sold by Unauthorized Dealers sometimes are counterfeit products, or products made by someone else other than DC Sports. The products can be stolen, fraudulently made or even damaged or defective. Many Unauthorized Dealers do not honor any product support issues. Please be aware that if we cannot verify your original purchase date, who your purchased your DC Sports products from and ownership, your warranty will not be honored.

    What do I do if I already purchased DC Sports through an Unauthorized Dealer?
    There is a high risk that your DC Sports products purchased are counterfeit, damaged, defective, discontinued or altered and product quality and safety cannot be guaranteed. You would need to return the DC Sports products to the Unauthorized Dealer you purchased them through.

    The following online companies or 3rd Party Store Names are not authorized to sell DC Sports products:

    - Autplicity
    - TH Motosports
    - Sparktecmotors
    - 70 after (Ebay username)
    - Crazyraptor83 (Ebay username)