Our NEW 2023 GR Corolla is here!


The new 2023 GR Corolla makes it's US debut and we've got our hands on one! All-wheel drive coupled to a slick 6 speed shifter and a 300 horsepower 3-cylinder engine is a garuenteed recipe for fun! 


Over the next few weeks we will evaluate and test this new platform to find areas we feel should be improved. The sound, style and driving experience must match not only the beefy stance but the price tag too! 

Our CORE model is equipped with the Performance and Tech Package. Overall driving impressions after a few hundred miles are overwhelming positive. The chassis feels very stiff, the suspension tuning is great and the 3-cylinder powertrain has a suprisingly deep tone.  

We know that stock isn't good enough so our drivers and engineers are busy getting to know this new platform. Excpect for us to make this car sound, shift and handle better!


Specs at a glance:

  • Power - 300hp / 273trq
  • Engine - G16-GTS
  • Redline - 7,200 RPM
  • Boost Pressure - 25.2 PSI
  • Weight w/LSD - 3,262lbs
  • Wheelbase - 103.9 inches
  • Transmission - 6 speed manual
  • Brakes - 14in F / 11.7in R
  • Tires - 18x8.5 +30 / 235/40/18
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